Ngadlu Kaurna miyurna parna yaitya mathanya Wama Tarntanyaku tampinthi. Ngadlu yaitya mathanya kumarta yartanangku Tidna Wirltunangku, warrunangku kuma tampinthi.

Relationships Australia SA acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians; their spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and economic connection to the Land and Seas, and we apologise for the atrocities that have been perpetrated on them and their ancestors. We recognise the continued impact of this trauma on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians today.

We are committed to an ongoing process of reconciliation and will actively engage in redressing inequitable distributions of the physical, spiritual and political economy in relation to Australian Indigenous peoples.

We especially honour the Kaurna Elders of the Adelaide Plains and the Elders of the River Murray and Mallee Region, which includes: Ngaiawang, Ngawait, Nganguruku, Erawirung, Ngintait, Ngaraite, Ngarkat and small parts of Maraura and Daanggali, upon whose land Relationships Australia SA offices are located.

We also acknowledge:

  • The Government of South Australia through SA Health for Program Funding
  • Colleagues within government and non-government organisations for collaborating with us to provide more coordinated and meaningful services
  • Universities in and beyond SA for the collaborative work and help in building evidence through research, student placements and supporting better informed future practitioners
  • The diverse communities of SA and community members, particularly those leaders and community consultants who provide countless hours educating us about their community needs and context, as well as co-designing resources
  • Our clients, who trust us and help us better understand their lived experiences of stigma and discrimination.



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