Welcome to our Community Corner!

Introducing our Community Corner!

Our Community Corner is a new space designed to share your stories. It is a safe space where we can tell your journeys of healing, overcoming adversity and stories that inspire hope and community connection.

It is also a space for us to let you know about our latest news and any projects we are working on. These projects may span topics such as mental health, HIV and STI information, gambling support and more.

Whether you have recently migrated to Australia or come from a multicultural or linguistically diverse background, we would love to hear your positive and uplifting stories. These stories may cover how our PEACE Multicultural Services have helped you, or a description of your own journey in Australia.

If you would like to submit an article for our new Community Corner, please reach out to us. These stories can be anonymous if you wish.

askpeace@rasa.org.au | (08) 8245 8110

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