National Day of Women Living with HIV | 9 March 2024 

On 9 March, we celebrate the strength, resilience, and courage of women living with HIV on the National Day of Women Living with HIV 2024!  Let’s honour their voices, their stories, and their incredible contributions to our communities.  

Together, let’s continue to challenge and break down stigma related to HIV, promote awareness, and ensure access to quality care and support for all.  

Visit SA Health website for more information on HIV. 

Watch ‘Life is so good’ video to see how this incredible woman living with HIV has been leading a healthy and happy life.    

If you would like to speak with a PEACE counsellor about any of the following, call 08 8425 8110 or email at 

1. HIV infection, transmission and treatment 

2. Support available for people living with or impacted by HIV 

3. Ordering and using free HIV self-testing kits   

4. Joining peer support group for people living with HIV  

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