Celebrating Neighbour Day | 2022

We’re inviting you to celebrate Neighbour Day!

On 27 March 2022, we will be celebrating Neighbour Day. We would love you to join us!

Neighbour Day is Relationship Australia’s national event to help reduce loneliness and isolation in our communities. Research has shown that getting involved in Neighbour Day helps us feel happier and less alone.

We know it can be difficult to settle into a new country – no matter what people’s background and personal circumstances. It’s normal for people to feel homesick and lonely, and to be worried about what the future holds. That’s why it’s so important to build meaningful connections with neighbours and your community – or even just check in with each other from time to time.

This year is the 20th anniversary of Neighbour Day, so it’s a special celebration.

How can you celebrate Neighbour Day?

There are many ways to take part in in Neighbour Day. Every effort contributes to building respectful relationships and reducing loneliness within your community. Some of our favourite ideas for events are below!

  • Get to know your neighbours by hosting or joining a morning tea or afternoon tea.
  • Exercise and meet new people at the same time with a walk in your local park.
  • Are there lots of families in your neighbourhood? Get the kids involved with a craft or art activity, like colouring in. You can also provide colouring in sheets for adults – see some options here.

For more ideas, visit the Neighbour Day website here.

Before you plan your event

Have you decided you want to host a Neighbour Day event? Don’t forget to take these two simple steps before you do anything else.

  1. Check what events are already happening near you. You may be able to join up with someone else. You can share the work and meet even more new people!
  2. Register your event here so other people can join the fun.

Do something good

Another way you can celebrate Neighbour Day is by doing a ‘neighbourly action’ (a good deed) on 27 March. Small acts of kindness work well. Our favourite neighbourly actions include:

  • Do something for your neighbour. You could offer to pick up someone’s shopping or help with the washing. If you’re a great cook, bring your neighbour a dish of something nice to help with dinner!
  • Pay for someone else’s morning coffee at the local cafe. This is called ‘paying it forward’. More ideas on how you can pay it forward are available here.
  • Check in on a neighbour – call them for a chat or say hello over the fence. If you don’t know your neighbours or they’re not home, leave a connection card.

More information

Visit the Neighbour Day website for more information about the day and how you can get involved. We really hope you can join us!

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