Rize Above

Rize Above is a multi-stream primary prevention relationship education program for young people, built with the guidance and influence of young community members.

Who can access this service?

The online courses and video games on Rize Above website can be accessed and completed, as part of a school response or individually, by young people at https://rizeabove.org.au/.

What support is available?

  • 8-session respectful relationship education program in schools – online and/or in-person delivery
  • Training program facilitated by therapeutic professionals
  • Opportunity for community, particularly young people to provide input
  • Training opportunities available for schools

The online projects are designed, developed and delivered with the support of community members and young people. Whilst delivered as a primary prevention program, it has components built in to support the sustainability of impact.

Respectful Relationships Education Program

We acknowledge that all people have relationships, and that each person’s experience is unique. The Rize Above Respectful Relationships Program contains gamified experiences. The course has been designed with the support and input from the community and young people.

Rize Above team delivers the 8 session Respectful Relationships Education Program at schools. The program is designed to disrupt the drivers of violence to lower the probability of violence against women. The program explores the nature of relationships, the things that work well and what to do when they aren’t working so well.

The process:

  • Identifies and challenges the condoning of violence against women
  • Fosters positive personal identities and challenges rigid gender stereotypes and roles
  • Strengthens positive, equal and respectful relationships
  • Promotes and normalises gender equality.

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