National Day of Women Living with HIV | 2023 

National Day of Women Living with HIV is celebrated every year on 9 March in Australia. This year’s theme is ‘Challenge HIV Stigma’.  PEACE Multicultural Services has been supporting and promoting healthy lifestyle for multicultural women living with or impacted by HIV over the past many years. Our Peer Support workers help clients living with […]

International Women’s Day | 2023

This International Women’s Day, focus is to #EmbraceEquity and to create an inclusive world.  Equity does not mean equality, and equal opportunities are not always enough. All women have different experiences, and everyone starts from a different stage in their life. Each one of us can support and embrace equity within our sphere of influence […]

World Cancer Day | 2023

Liver Cancer is the most common type of cancer in many parts of the world. This year’s theme ‘Close the Care Gap’ is about understanding the inequities in accessing the healthcare system and addressing it and supporting the actions needed for necessary progress. Chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) can lead […]