International Women’s Day | 2023

This International Women’s Day, focus is to #EmbraceEquity and to create an inclusive world.  Equity does not mean equality, and equal opportunities are not always enough. All women have different experiences, and everyone starts from a different stage in their life. Each one of us can support and embrace equity within our sphere of influence […]

Ask PEACE Flood Response Project

The recent floods in the Riverland area may have impacted you and your community in many ways. It is natural to feel stress and grief when a disaster happens, such as a flood or extreme weather event. Some people recover without formal help while others need some extra support to get life back on track.  […]

World Cancer Day | 2023

Liver Cancer is the most common type of cancer in many parts of the world. This year’s theme ‘Close the Care Gap’ is about understanding the inequities in accessing the healthcare system and addressing it and supporting the actions needed for necessary progress. Chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) can lead […]

Syphilis is on the rise

Get tested! There was about 90% increase in Syphilis notifications in 2020 as compared to 2015.     Syphilis can be easily cured if diagnosed at an early stage.  To know more about the transmission and prevention, visit SA Health website.     Contact PEACE Multicultural Services, Relationships Australia SA @ 08 8245 8110 or email at to […]

World AIDS Day | 2022

According to UNAIDS, Australia had 30,000 people living with HIV by the end of year 2021. Australia has successfully reduced the annual HIV diagnoses every year with the help of community-led HIV organisations, peer education and awareness about harm reduction & protection (AFAO). HIV is preventable; the most common strategies to prevent HIV include safer […]

Gambling Harm Awareness Week | 2022

27 November – 4 December 2022   HERE FOR THE GAME, Not the Gambling A campaign led by Office for Problem Gambling in partnership with Adelaide United Football Club (AUFC) Sports betting is on the rise in Australia Children as young as 12 have engaged in sports betting activity Young men aged 18 to 29 […]

Transporting children and babies safely | KidSafe SA

Kidsafe SA estimate that 80% of child car restraints are installed or used incorrectly. 😱 Understanding the rules on how to transport infants and children safely is difficult for most parents, but especially difficult for parents who speak a language other than English. 🚗 That’s why Kidsafe SA have developed a resource on how to […]

Celebrating Neighbour Day | 2022

We’re inviting you to celebrate Neighbour Day! On 27 March 2022, we will be celebrating Neighbour Day. We would love you to join us! Neighbour Day is Relationship Australia’s national event to help reduce loneliness and isolation in our communities. Research has shown that getting involved in Neighbour Day helps us feel happier and less […]

Welcome to our Community Corner!

Introducing our Community Corner! Our Community Corner is a new space designed to share your stories. It is a safe space where we can tell your journeys of healing, overcoming adversity and stories that inspire hope and community connection. It is also a space for us to let you know about our latest news and […]


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